Another data centre contract for Redeve, this time in Kajaani

Icelandic Borealis Data Center is expanding its operations by acquiring the data centre previously operated by Herman IT in Renforsin Ranta. The business was transferred to the new owner on the 1st of February 2024. The business acquisition and the upcoming expansion will significantly strengthen the data centre offerings and expertise in the area, along with the strong commitment to eco-efficiency.

Located in the Renforsin Ranta business park, CSC’s supercomputers, the most powerful, joint European supercomputer LUMI and Herman IT’s data centre form a unique data centre hub in Kainuu. With Borealis Data Center joining them, the operations in this area are about to become stronger than ever. Thanks to this expansion of operations, the area will become an even more significant player in the utilisation of artificial intelligence and high-quality computing, with a strong commitment to eco-efficiency. Finland’s cool climate is a great asset for data centre operations.

“We are excited to have a new operator in the area. We wish Borealis Data Center a warm welcome. The area offers excellent conditions for environmentally responsible data centre operations and their further development. The data centre runs on 100% renewable energy. The waste heat generated can be utilised in the production of district heating. What’s more, there are great opportunities for partnership with the other operators and the research community. There is plenty of room for everyone – also other data centre operators – to grow, both in terms of premises and electricity supply,” says Jari Lahtinen, Managing Director of Redeve Oy, the company that owns of the area.

The AI/HPC expansion that Borealis Data Center is planning to implement in the Renforsin Ranta business park marks a significant step forward in the improvement of high-performance computing and the utilisation of artificial intelligence. Herman IT will continue to provide IT services in the Renforsin Ranta data centres, working closely with Borealis as its customer.

Further information:

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Renforsin Ranta, Kajaani

Renforsin Ranta is a business park established in the premises of a former paper mill. It offers unique opportunities for diversified industrial and manufacturing companies with demanding requirements for space and energy. The area is home to a sawmill, biofuel plant, data centres, offices and call-centres, among others.

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The Redeve Group is a family-owned company specialising in property ownership and development.

In addition to Renforsin Ranta in Kajaani, Redeve Oy owns the business areas built around former paper mill properties in Myllykoski, Voikkaa and Säynätsalo in Jyväskylä which are seeing intense growth.

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