Myllykoski Data Campus

20 hectares of space for big plans and ambitious goals

Located in the world’s most stable country, the former mill area presents numerous possibilities for diverse operations.

Looking for a successful, steady, and sustainable future for your company?

Welcome to Finland.

Finland is an optimal combination of stability and flexibility. A trustworthy and transparent society combined with agile business and government practices make Finland an ideal economic environment. With a solid bedrock and reliable power grid, Finland is the top location for operations like data centers.

When aiming high, there is no better platform than Finland
– the most stable country on the planet.

The most stable country in the world
The best business environment in the world
Strong commitment to sustainability and green transition
Exceptionally secure and independent electricity production
A pioneer in digitalization
Highly reliable infrastructure
Fast start for business operations
Low corporate taxes and easily predictable tax system, laws and regulations

Myllykoski Data Campus
Space, power, and possibilities

Myllykoski, located in Southeastern Finland, is a significant former mill area. With both substantial greenfield areas and existing infrastructure designed for heavy industry, Myllykoski Data Campus offers an ideal setting for impactful, future-driven projects such as data centers.

Recognizing the many advantages of the area, AtNorth has chosen the Myllykoski area for its new data center project.

Thanks to existing power lines, great location, and good transport connections, it’s possible to reach and conquer the whole world from Myllykoski.

  • Excellent location: only 1,5 hours from Helsinki
  • The former mill area features:
    • Ground floor 30.000 m², free height 10-12 m
    • Basement 20.000 m², free height 5-6 m
    • Greenfield area for new buildings 60.000 m²
  • Diverse energy sources and industrial-level power capacity:
    • Immediately available 30 MW (6 kV)
    • Potential for additional 50 MW (110 kV) by 2026
    • Larger capacity negotiable separately
  • Versatile spaces with customization options
  • Easy to build new structures – existing industrial zone

Could Myllykoski match your mission?
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