Business premises, warehouses and offices available for data centres and manufacturing companies

We offer versatile solutions for business premises in Kajaani, Kouvola, Voikkaa, Myllykoski and Jyväskylä.

Redeve’s data centre projects are progressing rapidly

Our properties across Finland offer excellent opportunities, especially for environmentally responsible data centre operations. Our properties already house CSC’s supercomputers and LUMI, the most powerful supercomputer in Europe, as well as major data centre operators Borealis Data Center and atNorth Oy, with the latter located on a plot purchased from Redeve in Myllykoski, Kouvola.  We also offer thrilling opportunities for new operators who will be able to benefit from our excellent electricity infrastructure, great sites and large industrial buildings implemented as both brownfield and greenfield sites.

We have the infrastructure in place for heavy industry on lots zoned for industrial use, plenty of building rights, modifiable premises and competitive advantages for a wide range of operations. Our high-voltage connections and peak load reserves of up to hundreds of MW provide excellent opportunities for energy-intensive operations. In addition to data centres, our sites are suitable for a wide range of operators, such as hydrogen manufacturers.

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Myllykoski Data Campus

20 hectares of space for big plans and ambitious goals

Located in the world’s most stable country, the former mill area presents numerous possibilities for diverse operations.

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Voikkaa Business Area

An impressive paper mill site ready for new success stories

The versatile area with excellent logistics offers a unique business environment for both greenfield and brownfield projects.

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Another data centre contract for Redeve, this time in Kajaani

Icelandic Borealis Data Center is expanding its operations by acquiring the data centre previously operated by Herman IT in Renforsin Ranta.

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Billion-dollar atNorth data centre to be built in the former Myllykoski mill area owned by Redeve

The former Myllykoski paper mill area owned by Redeve has undergone extensive development, resulting in significant new business activities. The agreement on the location of the new atNorth data centre in Myllykoski, Kouvola, was signed on the 4th of December 2023.

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Myllykoski business park

The strengths of the Myllykoski business park include infrastructure designed for heavy industry, such as a 110 kV electric power plant and a power station, gas boiler, steam turbine, biological treatment plant and railway connection.

This 100-hectare area also has plenty of unused building rights. The Myllykoski business park is an ideal environment for, e.g. bioeconomy companies.

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Voikkaa business park

From industrial production facilities to a one-room office for your startup, the Voikkaa business park offers customisable premises for a wide range of business activities.

For manufacturing companies, Voikkaa’s strengths include a connection to the national railway network, a well-functioning natural gas pipeline and high-power electrical connections.

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Renforsin Ranta, Kajaani

This area offers opportunities for a variety of industrial and manufacturing companies with high space and energy requirements. The existing building stock offers a diverse range of premises, and the park is equipped with industrial infrastructure and railway connections. Electricity is also readily available, such as for the needs of data centres.

The Renforsin Ranta business park is the perfect location for data centres looking for cost-efficiency and environmentally friendly facilities. Kajaani is a global forerunner in green data centre operations.